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I'm Keli,  an Essential oil Specialist, Human Design Reader and Integrative Wellness Coach!  

If you are here, you can probably relate to one or more of the following....

  • You've taken all the tests, you have been to specialist after specialist.
  • You've been poked, scanned, x-rayed, pooped on a stick, & pissed in a cup.  
  • You've tried AIP, gluten-free, dairy-free, FODMAP, Keto, juicing and more.  
  • You've taken all the prescriptions, maybe even shots or surgery. 
  • Either you don't have answers or you want to find a more natural approach to wellness.  
  • Don't want a bandaid or quick fix.

You've heard there is more to it, you've heard that our bodies are meant to heal themselves.  But you just aren't sure how, I can help!  Schedule your free consult now!

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Are you looking for the reason for your pain and suffering?  Do you feel misunderstood or disconnected?    

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